Wayside Christian School offers individualized education for grades K-12 with an emphasis on academics. It is a self-study program where students move at their own pace.

Because of our size, we are able to provide personal attention to a child's individual needs and learning styles.

We have developed our own reading program based on intensive phonics. We have a 100% success in training children to read.

We offer vocational opportunities in auto body, welding, carpentry, electronics, office skills plus a variety of arts and crafts.

Chapel provides a time for solid Bible instruction, current events, cultural awareness and health in a classroom situation where each student is encouraged to participate.

Wayside Christian School is approved by the PA State Dept of Education and meets requirements of the Boyertown Area School system. Our graduates have achieved their Doctorates, Masters, Nurses degrees and Technical Training. Some have gone on to Military service and mission programs.