Letter from Ogedi (excerpts)

Remember that Ogedi is now back home in Aba, Nigeria at the Evangelical
Theological College of Africa. By God's grace, Ogedi completed his dream
of coming to America to earn his Ph.D. and returning home to serve!

At Evangelical Theological College of Africa, Ogedi teaches Old
Testament Theology, the Old Testament Histories, Leviticus, hebrews, and
Administration & Management.

Ogedi is also the Director of Development for the College, trying to
create a base of local support for the institution. The faculty and
staff have been unpaid for 4 months because of lack of funds. In
addition, Ogedi is also involved in directing the students in rurla and
community evangelism.

Finally, Ogedi's portfolio has included - as planned - the founding of a
computer training school. Many obstacles, mostly financial, hinder
progress for this school and the many other projects at which Ogedi