Zambian Orphanage


"Reading Isaiah 1: vs. 17 and 18 and chapter 19: vs. 13 and 14 reminds me of our role as a community of Christians in caring for little children and orphans", states Elizabeth Sichinga of Reading, PA, formerly of Zambia.

 Wayside Chapel began to support a school for orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia in 2007 when Elizabeth contacted Rev. Paul Kulp.  Supplies to support the orphans were collected by Elizabeth and stored in a storage unit in Reading. During a severe rain storm, the housing units were flooded and she needed to move her things quickly.  She contacted Rev. Kulp who arranged to have all the supplies moved to his
church on Sweinhart Road in Boyertown.  The supplies were repacked and were placed into a container and sent to Zambia.  The church had added to her supplies by contributing computers and clothing for the project along with other school supplies.

 Elizabeth learned about the many orphans in her area in 1994 when her father died and she started caring for her younger brothers and sisters.  She learned of more and more orphans in the area as well as widows in need of food and school supplies.  She determined to help these widows and orphans by starting a school for them.  She moved to the US and began to save money and purchase supplies.

  While in the US she decided to use her father's property for a school and was supported by an orphan who had struggled to get an education and was able to become a teacher.  The largest number of students attending the school is currently about 130 of ages 5 - 12.  Children under school age are not yet accepted due to lack of resources to care for them.

  In order to help feed the widows and orphans, the 300 acre farm which had been her fathers is being used to raise crops which will helpfully feed the multitudes. 

  Says Elizabeth, "The support has been overwhelming but the resources to get these items to children are lacking.”  This website will also keep you posted on the developments and all progress with the orphans in Zambia.



Orphans awaiting for their opportunity for education. 


Some of the orphans enjoying their donated school books. 


Ways To Help


Money is most appreciated but not necessarily the only way to help. Monetary donations are needed primarily for shipping the container which is needed so desperately.


Donations of all kinds are greatly appreciated. Examples are as follows:


Any type of school and educational supplies, crayons and coloring books, puzzles and children books, children clothes, socks, shoes, any type of bedding accessories, blankets, pillows, mats, hair brushes, hair accessories, toothbrushes, toothpaste, female toiletries, hand sanitizers, tissues, paper towels, rubber gloves, any type of medical supplies, band aides, ace bandages, children Tylenol, lib balm, juice, water and canned goods.


If you have any
questions regarding this ongoing effort to support the Zambian Orphanage, please contact us.



Phone: 610-367-7995