Faith is the Victory (letter from Ogedi)

Faith is the Victory

Three years ago, Wayside chapel in Boyertown, PA loaded a 40ft container
with computers, hospital equipments, schools and evangelism resources
to be shipped to Nigeria, West Africa. Of course, it was not the first
time Wayside chapel has carried out such missions in Africa. It has been
their ethos to provide essential resources to help all people improve
their skills, and keep their eyes on Jesus. Many of my African people
have received practical skills that created values through the missions
of Wayside Boyertown. These recipients have been men, women – young and
old who want to know, love, and serve God but have no economic and
political empowerment. It may interest you to know that Wayside chapel
in Boyertown led by Rev., Paul Kulp are few in number but have hearts
and hands so big and wide that are doing extraordinary ministry that are
making lasting changes among my people.

No, so what about the loaded 40ft container? Indeed its story may be
long but faith is the victory. Rigid administrative procedure from the
government of the recipients could not allow the container to go. At a
point the way forward looked stalled. Every effort and appeal was halted
by beau racy. But one thing a rigid administrative procedure did not
know is its inability to stand on the way of prayers. I personally know
that God’s timing is the best. I knew God was doing something according
to His time table. We stayed together in prayers and faith. We refused
to take no as an answer. We claimed the promises of God and knew the
delay was only for a season.

On July 2006, the container finally made it to Lagos seaport Nigeria. We
began the hurdle of clearing that took another three months. It took
time, efforts, and money but without prayers, fasting, and explicit
trust in our unchanging God, the ending would not have been victorious.
The container made it safely to Jos and Aba in October ending. Now we
sing faith is the victory. Faith that overcomes the forces against God’s
people. The joy that greeted the arrival of the goods at Aba surpassed
the road blocks of more than 3 years. Our waiting for God’s intervention
witnessed a moment of praise and songs to Him. Men, Women, and children
danced as we unloaded the container in Aba.

We prepare to celebrate a special season that will put more smiles on
the faces of our community. Families of our Bible college students will
receive clothes and other items for their children. Our computer
demonstration schools will be able to increase and upgrade their
computer labs. We will also be able to meet some pending requests for
our ministry through computer. School boys and girls learn about the
love of God and the kind of life He has called us to live as they become
computer literates that gives them practical skills with value.

We can never thank Wayside chapel in Boyertown enough for reaching out
to the unreached. You may find out more from Rev., Paul Kulp of Wayside
chapel about what God is doing in and through us. We plant churches. We
equip young men and women as church leaders. We assist the poor. We care
for the sick. We educate the future generation. God is with us indeed!

Ogedi Omenyinma, ETSA, Aba.